Mary Ratcliffe
01904 655326

Curative Hypnotherapist - Qualified at Therapy Training College, Birmingham.

My clinic is based at
York Eco Business Centre
Amy Johnson Way
Clifton Moor
YO30 4AG

It's a big decision. I'm sure you are wondering what is the best type of treatment for you, and who would be the best therapist to work with.

To help you, I offer a free initial consultation. We take about 30 minutes to discuss what you want help with and how we would work on it.

There is no obligation - you decide what is best for you. All that I ask is that you allow up to 90 minutes and £40 fee in case you decide to start there and then.

To book an initial session, please ring or email me some day/times when you are available and I will send you an appointment to fit in with you where possible.

Fees - £40 (valid as at 18/02/2020). Please allow 45 to 60 minutes - up to 90 minutes for initial session.

Payment by cash, cheque or major debit/credit card.

Please be prepared to agree appropriate short-notice fee for non-attendance, cancellations or rearrangements with less than 24 hours notice.

"What do you expect...?"

Mary Ratcliffe's latest book on Curative Hypnotherapy, is available now.

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"What if it really is...?"

Mary Ratcliffe's book on the subconscious mind is available now.

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sunset Curative Hypnotherapy in York

What is Curative Hypnotherapy?

The use of hypnosis and investigation to find and correct the cause of problems for the relief of conditions, symptoms and issues

Does any of this sound familiar?


  • you want to lose weight
  • you do all the right things but see no results
  • or you get results but they never last
  • or you try to do the right things but something gets in your way


  • a moth, a spider, a mouse
  • you know itís not dangerous but you still panic

Food Allergies

  • you used to be able to eat something
  • other people can eat it
  • now it makes you ill


  • severe turbulence or an engine failure on your flight
  • now you have a fear of flying
  • the other 99 passengers on the same flight donít

Well-known treatable illness

  • but the treatment doesnít work for you
  • or it works for a while and then the illness comes back


  • alcohol, cigarettes, chocolate, gambling, drugs
  • you gave up months or even years ago
  • you still have urges, cravings
  • you started again

Mysterious Illness

  • back pain, nausea, fatigue, ear-ache
  • they do all the tests at the hospital but nothing shows up
  • they donít know what youíve got - so they canít treat you
  • the best they can offer is pain-relief


  • you used to sleep so easily, so soundly
  • now you lie awake
  • youíre tired but sleep wonít come

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