sunset Curative Hypnotherapy in York

What is Curative Hypnotherapy?

The use of hypnosis and investigation to find and correct the cause of problems for the relief of conditions, symptoms and issues

Do you recognise any of these concerns?


In spite of doing all the right things, or doing your best to, the weight stays the same or worsens Ė or maybe you get initial, encouraging, but only short-lived improvement


A moth, a spider, a mouse, or some other apparently benign creature or object can send you into a panic

Food Allergies

Some food you used to enjoy begins to make you ill even though it has no adverse effects on others


A worrying incident on a flight has a lasting effect on you - long after the other passengers have got over it, maybe even forgotten about it Ė and now youíll do anything to avoid getting on a plane

Well-known treatable illness

Itís routine and for most people, the treatment is simple and with long-term success, but you find no improvement, or only temporary relief


You can manage just about everything else in your life successfully but, whether itís alcohol, cigarettes, chocolate, gambling, drugs or something similar, your willpower and determination arenít enough to fully rid you of those urges and cravings

Mysterious Illness

The symptoms are quite common but blood tests and other investigations rule out any diagnosis - so the only option is pain relief


Your quantity and quality of sleep has started to deteriorate so you find yourself lying there, noticing each waking hour - fatigued and weary but wide awake

Wondering why?..Looking for relief?..
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Mary Ratcliffe
01904 655326
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Curative Hypnotherapist - Qualified at Therapy Training College, Birmingham.

It's a big decision. I'm sure you are wondering what is the best type of treatment for you, and who would be the best therapist to work with.

To help you, I offer a free initial consultation. We take about 30 minutes to discuss what you want help with and how we would work on it.

There is no obligation - you decide what is best for you. All that I ask is that you allow up to 90 minutes and £40 fee in case you decide to start there and then.

I'm working online only now, and clients are finding this easy and effective - working via video calls. If you're unsure, I'm happy to help you set up and get used to zoom or skype.

To book an initial session, please ring or email me some day/times when you are available and I will send you an appointment to fit in with you where possible.

Fees - £40 (valid as at 10/08/2022). Please allow 45 to 60 minutes - up to 90 minutes for initial session.

Payment by Paypal or BACS and if you don't have a Paypal account, you can make a guest payment using a credit or debit card.

Please be prepared to agree appropriate short-notice fee for non-attendance, cancellations or rearrangements with less than 24 hours notice.

"What do you expect...?"

Mary Ratcliffe's latest book on Curative Hypnotherapy, is available now.

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"What if it really is...?"

Mary Ratcliffe's book on the subconscious mind is available now.

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